Jennifer Mattes

State of Stage

28.1.2017 – 19.3.2017


The video work of Jennifer Mattes (*1982) oscillates between the genres of documentary, film essay, hollywood cinema or youtube-clips. One characteristic of her artistic practice is the appropriation and recombination of visual imagery taken from the internet, another one is the production of her own films. Combined, both strategies result in a critical as well as humorous analysis of contemporay visual culture and Mattes' favourite artistic topics, i.e. the motifs of search, failure, desire and love. At the studio space 45cbm, Mattes will show a site-specific installation of her video work „State of Stage“ (2013). Based on a montage of video and audio fragments found on youtube, „State of Stage“ deals with the practice of self-performance on the stage of life, in cinema or in the virtual spaces created by new media. 

Jennifer Mattes, born in Stuttgart, lives and works in Vienna. After her studies at Merzakademie Stuttgart she graduated in art and digital media at Kunstakademie Vienna, where she attended classes by Harun Farocki, Judith Barry and Constanze Ruhm. In 2014 Mattes was awarded with the Birgit-Jürgenssen-Prize for media art.