Friends of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden e.V.

The “Freunde der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden e.V.” was founded to spearhead good publicity efforts and support the Kunsthalle‘s exhibition and lecture program – both organizationally and financially. Members receive free – or discounted – admission for exhibitions, special guided tours and discounts on catalogues and art trips.

The association was incorporated during the summer of 2000. Its board currently consists of five members. Ms. Sabine Steinhart serves as the board’s chairperson.

Günter Lehnert and Dorothe Rappen are the deputy members of the board.

Brigitte Hartmann was designated the treasurer while Stefan Fischer serves as the association’s secretary.

Thaddäus Hüppi, an artist, and art historians Philipp Kuhn and Bernd Künzig serve as members of the association’s advisory body which provides guidance in art and art policy matters. Johan Holten, director of the Kunsthalle, is an automatic member of this body. All interested persons are welcome to join the “Freunde der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden e.V.” association to help us promote the Kunsthalle.

Membership fees are staggered:

Individual membership: 125 euro

Couple or family membership: 175 euro

Membership for individuals aged 25 or below: 20 euro

Please contact us to register:



Sabine Steinhart

Favoritenstr. 72

76532 Baden-Baden